Auto Ice Remover Sprej topení Snehu Agent Auto okenného Skla Topenia Snehu V Zime Auto Chlapec okenného Skla Čistiaci Prostriedok 30/50 ml

Štítky: lepidlo zbraň taveniny, lepidlo hot, lopata snow, rezané sklo, kapilárne sklo, sánky snow, horúce lepidlo zbraň príručka, auto dobré, auto nálepky, sklo pece.

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  • Číslo Modelu: CU273304
  • Položka Hmotnosť: 45g
  • Položka Objem: 30/50 ML
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Čas použiteľnosti: 36 Mesiacov
  • Špeciálne Funkcie: Rýchle topenie
  • Externé Testovanie Certifikácia: ce


Made from a concentrated, high-performance, ice-melting formula.It has a strong ice melting power without harming your car’s glass or paint finish.

It de-freeze and melts ice and helps reduce dangerous refreeze with just a few sprays.


1. Safe and effective, it de-freeze and melts ice with just a few sprays and maybe a little scraping.

2. Ice Prevention

Perfect for removing ice, but it is far more effective as a preventative measure when ice is anticipated.

3.Compact Design

Take them with you when you are out on the road.It won’t freeze in your car, and can be used if you find yourself in an emergency situation.

4.Easy to Use

Generously spray the De-Icer™ onto an iced-over windshield.Wait just a minute or so as it softens the ice, or melts it altogether.



Size: 30/50mL

Shelf Life: 36 Months

Besides Windshields

If your locks are frozen, go ahead and spray them too before inserting your key!You can even spray this mixture along the door to get it open!

Package Included:


1x Ice Remover Spray

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